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Timeline view - one line per user?

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Hi, I am using a timeline view in my interface to view the holiday status of our crew.

I'm having an issue trying to find out how to keep one field per line - in this case my "Name" field.

Currently, the names are all over the pace in terms of layout, and it's confusing for our users.

I've attached a screenshot of the issue, with names redacted to protect the innocent.

I am currently sorting by the Name field, since that's what makes most sense in our business. I am also grouping by department and role.

Any ideas how I can tidy up this view to make it easier to view?

Thanks in advance.

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Hey there! Timeline view shows field names in one line if the record height is short.

If you increase the record height though, you'll get the additional option to display fields horizontally or vertically. The "vertically" option would add line breaks between your field values, giving you something closer to what you're looking for I believe.

Not sure if you've tried that but I'd recommend giving it a shot -- it takes some real estate from the screen unfortunately but hopefully it might help!

Hi @Alex_Wolfe. Thanks for the suggestion. I've just tried all row heights and unfortunately it doesn't seem to make any difference at all.

I also tried removing a large chunk of the label for easier reading, but that didn't seem to make a difference either.

Ah hmm okay, sorry that didn't help! Just to confirm, you've tried the "vertical" option pictured here (screenshot attached) as well?

Also, is your name field the only field you've toggled on and you want to show it on multiple lines, or are there multiple fields and the goal is one field per line? I assumed the latter but just checking.

Thanks for your reply Alex. I am trying to do this in an interface, for ease of filtering by our crew (immediately choose departments, roles etc from a dropdown menu, instead of having to go through the filters at the top.)

I've had a look at the timeline view in the standard base, and it looks like it  may work a bit better than what I've got going on, but we lose the easy functionality of having a filter at the side.

One of our big issues is that we have couples who work in different departments who are on rotation at the same times, plus other rotational partners who need to all fit in together - the ease of the drop-down filters was a big plus in the interface view.


Ah right okay, sorry I forgot re: the interface. The timeline element has "Appearance" options with the same record height and label vertical/horizontal options, just displayed a little differently. Have you tried those? [screenshot attached]

It's fine. I think we're going to have to go with the standard base, as opposed to an interface, for the moment. Things certainly look better there. Thanks for your help @Alex_Wolfe !

Okay, sounds good -- happy to help!