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my name is Josef, I own a agricultural contracting business and built myself a little interface for managing machines and operators in a timeline view.

I spend a lot of time in the Day view, but it is a little bit confusing. First, it is not visible right from the start where the day starts and where it ends. Second, I don't need to see all the hours from midnight to midnight.

So the main Question is: is there a way to either Zoom in or to only show a specific range of time like from 5 in the morning to midnight?



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Airtable Employee
Airtable Employee

Hi Josef! I hear you on this; timeline view will start at the hour in which the relevant event(s) begin and show the 24h following that time when showing all calendar days. This can be 12am-12am if the event begins at midnight, though as you point out, it could also be any other time as it depends on that record's start time. While the granularity you'll see for each hour is rather fixed and there isn't a way to zoom in per se, if it'll work for your use case, choosing to display Only workdays in the Date settings section of the timeline view settings will widen the hour aspect a bit. Here is a gif of that in action.


I'd be glad to surface this to the team and I'd also encourage you to add these sentiments to our Product Ideas section. I'd imagine that other users would love to see this functionality implemented as well!