Use a the data from record picker as source for a chart

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6 - Interface Innovator

Dear All,

I'm designing right know an Interface to show the Warehouse stand of a multi site operation. I've programmed the tables in order to present the stand on each site and then to sum it up to have the general situation. 

Now I'm trying to visualize all in Interfaces. For the general situation I'll use a Dashboard with filters, but it is not ideal because the number fields are way to big and there is no way to create multi field chart. 

For the site situation I used the Record picker as a start. This template is a lot better to show a lot of data, because when presented as elements from the Record picker, the number field are small. 

To visualize the data I wanted to insert here some useful charts, but I've realized it is not possible to connect them to the record picker field. It is quite a strange behavior here from the interfaces: you can connect the chart to the record picker, but then the only sources available for the chart are the other linked table, but NOT the actual table from the record picker. 

(see the attachment: I can connect the chart to the Lagerbestand record picker, but then only the linked tables Adressen, VPN Velos, VPN Stand ET, are available as source, not the Lagerbestand table. I've tried to leave this field empty, but it is not possible).

I've noted the same behavior in the record list template.

Did someone else encountered this problem? Or I'm doing something wrong here?


Many thanks for any hints or idea. 


All the best 


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