Using interface with barcode field for stocktaking

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

I am hoping to use a cutdown “form” or interface designer method to enable stocktakes of our database items via mobile phone and the airtable app. I have created an interface with a barcode field to be used as a key to all the items and an associated display of the fields for each record that can be changed - location, number of items etc. As others have mentioned I was surprised ot see that sharing the interface also shares the entire base but this doesn’t worry me as its only for internal use. When I look at the barcode field for the base/table on the phone app, I can see the camera/scan option and can scan in a barcode. But when I launch the interface and see the barcode field, I can’t see a camera option. If I select the barcode field it just shows a screen keyboard and I can’t see how to enable the camera. I want to use the camera/barcode to find the item in a record list then manually enter the associated data.
Also there doesn’t see to be a way to access the interface from the mobile app. I have to use the sent share link to get to it.

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Hi @Jill_Holland,
As far as I know the only way to scan barcode is on the Airtable Mobile app and at this time the interfaces are not part of the app though a link will open an interface in the mobile app, YMMV.

Thanks Vivid. Thats how it looks to me too. I don’t want to collect the stocktake data using the whole table as it has about 50 fields and I only want to update 4 with the mobile interface. Maybe the form view would work ?

Yes, this is the exact intention of views.