Using url formula buttons for navigation

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

One technique that works well for interfaces is using a url button generated by a formula as an extra navigation element.

For example:
Create a button field on “table a” that is the base url for an interface based on the table, plus the record id - eg: "" & RECORD_ID()

Place this button on an interface designed for showing data from “table b” alongside linked data for “table a”. When the link is clicked you’ll move to the “table a” interface, with the specific record data showing.

You’ll need to copy the exact formula url for your interface out of your browser bar when the interface is displayed.

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What an awesome find. This can also make it easier to navigate back and forth between the regular experience and a custom interface. Too bad we have to create button fields for this instead of having buttons that exist only in the custom interface. Maybe that is a future feature!

Kamille_Parks suggests using a link inside a text object as a basic nav element. Nothing dynamic available there though as far as I can think, but would work just to link to a different interface or table

When I try that, it opens a new window.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

@Joe_Hewes 's solution is awesome!

However, this does not work in embed views.
In Airtable app it points to
but in embed view it’s

Is this intended or a bug?
Thank you in advance