Airtable Consultant Required + Staff Training + Ongoing Support

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4 - Data Explorer

I manage a growing Nursing Agency based in Sydney. We recruit temp nurses on our books and supply to our client on as need basis. Every client have their own requirements and procedures to get a nurse approved to work with them (Onboarding Process). We have a fantastic client allocation software but we struggle with Onboarding and clearance of nurses with Hospital Clients.

Current Setup:

  • Recruiter interviews and scans their docs on onedrive. Also there is a compliance checklist in pdf (8 pages) - the recruiter will fill out 1st page on this checklist.
  • Docs scanned in ondrive then taken over by compliance team. Compliance team continues to complete the checklist in pdf.
  • Then compliance team adds nurses on to a different tracking excel sheet (the excel is basically a workflow - step by step process) to get the nurses cleared at different clients. For example, nurses hired for Hospital A and Hospital B are added to 2 excel sheets). This includes sending docs to clients, chasing up, arranging training and many more.
  • Few more steps after this too.

During the entire process, compliance team contacts nurses and clients via emails + calls (generally email signatures are used for such emails). Also compliance team is required to follow up nurses for various documents and to complete various tasks.


  • The entire procedure above is scattered in pdf, excel, emails.
  • Compliance team has no central place where they can go and have a look at the entire picture.
  • There is no central “to do” list.
  • Lots of manual and repetitive data entry work involved which can be avoided. (For example adding nurse details on excel sheets for Hospital A and Hospital B)

Desired Solutions
An Airtable base where everything is managed on the same base. + there is a place where summary can be generated + a central place for all to do items.

  • Use formulaes or other features to auto populate cells to avoid manual unnecessary data entries (name, surname, id etc)

Airtable experts/consultants interested in taking up the project may please contact me on

I am not very sure if the solution I am looking for is even possible in Airtable. Would love to show to consultant and discuss.

Also we expect the consultant to train 4-5 staff members initially and then be available on an ongoing basis to make changes as and when required.



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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I have sent the response please check your mail

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Hi @Vish_Shah I’d be happy to discuss this with you further via phone and provide you a price and timeframe. Could you schedule a call with me via this link: or you can email me at