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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

We are a health tech company, looking to hire a developer/ consultant with Airtable and integration expertise. The goal is to build a lightweight MVP for a clinical study. Here is the tech stack we plan to use:

Jotform (forms data)
Airtable (backend)
Softr/Stacker (front end for admin views and read/write functionality)
Twilio/Sendgrid/Gmail (email and text messages)
Zapier (potential integration if native integrations do not suffice)

Here are the broad specs:
Participants are recruited into the study
Participants complete a health assessment form (jotform)
Data from form is captured in Airtable
Clinical algorithms are run on above dataset (mostly if/ than or decision tree types nothing complex. Eg if your glucose is > XX, you have diabetes)
Particpants meet with Dr to review data and discuss their care plan
Dr can access data for each particpant and write notes of their discussion (Soft/Stacker).
Participants get detailed report of their data and Dr’s recommendations
We follow up via email/text regarding next steps over 90 days with the participants.

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Airtable is not HIPAA compliant, do you need to follow HIPAA guidelines for data management?

Hey @Ash_M1, just read your post. We built something almost identical in specification recently for a client (we ended up switching from Jotform to Typeform in the end for aesthetics), but it’s certainly something we’d be open to helping with if you needed. Feel free to drop me a message to organise a call. Sam

Jen, Thanks and yes aware of that, we are covered under an IRB so we dont need to worry about that.

Hey Ash, we can definitely help. I’ll send you a PM

Ok, wanted to confirm. I have experience with this level of tech stack, happy to connect to see if a good fit.

Hi @Ash_M1,

Please feel free to contact me through my website at, and we can setup a time to chat! :slightly_smiling_face:

Any custom code that needs to integrate with Airtable I am quite well experienced. Feel free to get in touch!

Sam, Can you give me some background on yourself and your company please. A link to a website or linkedin.

Gavin, Can you give me some background on yourself and your company please. A link to a website or linkedin.

Thanks Scott. Firming up requirements, will reach out.

Thanks Jen. Got your website link, firming up requirements, will reach out.

Of course!

Here is my website.