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API integration

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Looking for someone to help us pull status of players from our CMS. ( into an airtable. Using the API provided by Broadsign. Something we can push for updates regularly. Additional views etc from airtable base would also be useful.

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Totally familiar with this requirement. I have worked with Broadsign, Xibo, and other signage platforms for Yum Brands. I also know the Airtable API in depth.

Give me a shout if I can help -

Having worked on some similar projects in the past I would be happy to help you.
You can reach me on
Best Wishes,

Hi ,
I had delivered required integration as posted in JD.
Interested assisting you further
Please contact further at -



I would love to assist you in your requirement.You can connect me via email as well as Skype.

Skype: live:jennifer_17207

Jennifer J

Hi @Iker_Quilez, were you able to find the help you were looking for?