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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

We’ve got our bases loaded and need your help to get the most from our AirTable set-up. You are a Seattle-based consultant or company with a proven track record of working with multiple teams to deliver a sophisticated, efficient and easily manageable AirTable base. Advanced understanding of system architecture, integrations and automations is needed, as is comprehensive knowledge of formulas, scripts and other mechanisms that make our system as smart as possible.

You will be our North Star, guiding our internal teams through the development, training and implementation processes through tech-free speak and your comprehensive understanding of how AirTable works best. Using your stellar project management super powers, you will balance the wants and needs of multiple internal groups while staying true to the overall vision.

What we are looking for…

  • A self-starter who knows how to create and run a project plan that gets results, fast
  • Verifiable project management experience developing and implementing a tech tool for a diverse team
  • A collaborative approach that gets stuff done, without rubbing anyone the wrong way
  • Hands-on experience with AirTable, including advanced knowledge of how to create a robust base that can be easily maintained and continually augmented

Interested? Please send us:

  • Two examples of AirTable projects that you have managed and why you think they turned out awesome
  • What your favorite AirTable feature is and why
  • How you would describe your management style
  • If you got the joke in the opening paragraph of this ad

Please also include:

Your CV or company prospectus, links to your portfolio (if you have one) or other project examples.

Expressions of interest should be directed to: Peggy Crane,

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10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

Hmm, I think I get the joke (I won’t spoil it for others), but unfortunately not Seattle based. Is that a hard requirement?