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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Our business has used Airtable to make a database for our direct to consumer manufacturing business. The good news is that our business has grown, the bad is that we are constantly fighting with the 50K record limit.

What we are looking for is connecting our Airtable database to something that can handle substantially more records. Basically using Airtable as a “front end” to the larger database.

Currently, most of our records are tied up in the bill of materials (BOMs). Most of the BOMs are not currently active (we aren’t currently building that product), however, we need that BOM data to accurately inform our part purchasing.

We currently have a workaround using Airtable’s table syncing but that has only bought us some time and is not the long term solution.

At the end of the day what we are looking for is a way to use and store far more data than Airtable can handle while keeping Airtable as the place where our employees interact with that data.

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I hope Airtable can consider the records per workspace not per base.