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Hello all, I am trying to put together a customer base that pulls in information from multiple bases. I have several archived sales data bases, so a base for 2020 sales data, 2021 sales data, etc. Let’s say I have a customer “John Doe” that has multi...
My base seems to be somewhat frozen. For example, if I’m trying to show a field in a view I’ll click on the hidden fields button and then select the field I want to see. However, when I click on the field the hidden fields box closes and the view d...
I’m trying to create an Integromat scenario, and failing. I’m essentially trying to keep two bases in sync. The first base (the "Production BOM Test below) is our production base and contains the active BOMs (bill of materials) for our finished good...
Our business has used Airtable to make a database for our direct to consumer manufacturing business. The good news is that our business has grown, the bad is that we are constantly fighting with the 50K record limit. What we are looking for is conne...
I’m trying to create an automation to take data from one cell in a record and paste it into another, linked, cell in that record. I set it up to trigger if “PART NAME” is not empty and “PARTS” is empty. Then it is supposed to take the value from “P...
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