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I am looking for a quote for this integration in Integromat:

The epguides site below has API protocal and I need to gather data and then I will be integrating it with Goggle Sheets and then Airtable, which has three tables and links.

I will need information/data for about 25 TV shows, on a weekly basis, I will also be adding TV shows too.
Information required:

TV Show
Season #
Episode #
Episode name
Air date

This is the website that I want information from:

This is an example of one show of about 25 that I would like data from and also on an ongoing bases to collect information about current episodes from the latest season:

This link is about epguides API:

I want to know the next episode of a show, but it’s not the show in the example below, it will be from a list of different shows i.e.: Murdoch Mysteries.

INTEGRATION (Integromat)#2:

I also have another integration for Integromat. but this one is going to require a script for data collecting for a MacBook.

I want to create a scenario to gather data from a website and place it into Google Sheets and then to alert me by gmail.

It’s a TV guide website.

I would like to have current, updated information, gathered every week for about 25 British TV Shows. The Favourites option does not give me current, updated information, on a weekly basis.

This is the website:

This is an example of a British TV Show on the zap2it website, that I would like to gather data from:

Search for “SILENT WITNESS”, that has “NEW”, in the description.

I would like to be alerted when a “NEW” British TV show will air, there are about 25 TV Shows.

I found out that the second link might not go through to the example, so, you may have to:

Select: Canada
Type in postal code:
V6G 2H7
Select: TELUS Optic TV

Then type in:

Silent Witness in the search engine, then select:
Upcoming Episodes

You should be able to see the episodes with “NEW” notation.

I will also want to convert the data to CSV format. I could do the conversing myself, I just need to have the data capable to do this.

I hope I have been clear, if not, let me know if any further information is required.

Thank you,

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

HI! I think I can help you with your integrations. If interested please let me know.


I just sent you a PM through your Message option on your Profile page or you can email me at (this is my everyday email address that I check every day):

Thank you,