Looking for help building a custom job shop management database

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4 - Data Explorer


I run a cabinet manufacturing company. We currently use printed out spreadsheets for everything. I would like a tidy database that could manage our “jobs”. I’ll try to outline how it would work here:

  1. We have multiple projects with multiple builders.
  2. Each project has multiple plans (Plan 1, Plan 2, Plan 3)
  3. Each plan has multiple options (Door 1, 2, 3, Stain color 1, 2, 3, Optional Bath 3, etc.), each with an individual price, for which the price is split up by “material”, “stain”, “prefab door cost”, installation, delivery, tax, etc.
  4. For each phase of a project our sales reps will create a “sequence” which is a list of all the houses or “lots” with the associated plan number and all the associated options that were selected.
  5. Also for each phase our reps will turn in a “breakdown” that has a tally of all the units for that phase, and all the options for that phase.

I would like a database in which we store all of our option prices by plan and project. Each price will be unique for that particular plan on that particular project.
The rep would be able to generate a sequence (item 4 above) and a “breakdown” (item 5 above) based on the database.
We would then be able to look up the sequence and see each item selected for the particular lot.

Let me know if this makes sense, if you’re interested in helping with it, or if it seems outrageously difficult. I already have a start on some of it, but would be interested in having some help.


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I’d love to take a look at your existing spreadsheets, or at least a few plans from your existing spreadsheet. Everything sounds like it could be done pretty quick and easy, except I’m not super clear on the plans and options.

Awesome! Let me send you some spreadsheets. They will be:

Spreadsheet A - a typical “breakdown”
Spreadsheet B - a typical “sequence”

Hopefully you’ll see that spreadsheet A has the different Plans and their options, and Spreadsheet B has the pricing. Think of it like a car model and their options: Plan A = Ford Focus. Options are upgraded stereo, leather interior.

Turns out I can’t add the spreadsheets, and I can only save one image! So thwarted.Spreadsheet B.jpg

Let me try to add the other spreadsheet image!

Spreadsheet A.jpg