Need a airtable developer to help build booking system

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Use Airtable and Checkfront API to create a custom admin interface (spreadsheet style)

Create a custom website user interface to embed into responsive wordpress website while intergrating payments through Moneris Virtual Merchant Terminal.

We currently use google docs spreadsheet for entering online bookings manually at the moment.

Skills required :

  • Experience creating custom website inferface
  • Able to integrate payments on website through Moneris Payments
  • Fluent in English

Job requires :

  • Creation of work flow of the entire project (item by item - how each feature will be developed)
  • Creation of custom admin interface integrated with airtable and checkfront API
  • Creation of user custom user web interface
  • Troubleshooting and edits to be made after the system is tested

What need :

Admin Interface

  • Log in
  • Be able to view all hourly/half hour rental items for multiple days on the one screen (like google spreadsheet - view file attached)
  • Be able to enter bookings manually, by selecting the half hour squares and entering name, phone number and credit card details
  • Be able to select what hourly rentals are available and will be shown as avaialble on user interface on the website
  • Be able to set minimum rental period for certain days, set opening and closing times
  • System puts half hour gap between each rental
  • Other features also required (can send more detailed spec list if requested)

User Interface :

  • Embedded on responsive website
  • User selects rental type, start time, duration and date
  • System shows if rental is available
  • If not available it shows closest rentals that are available
  • Customers enter contact details and credit card details
  • Pay for item using Moneris, refund items
  • If online user is in the process of booking time - the time slot is greyed off in admin interface so it can’t be doubled booked
  • If everything is booked out - give customers an option to get added to a wait list (they enter their contact details and it gets sent to us)

System :

  • Sends confirmation emails and invoices to customers (system shows if customers opened the email
  • Sends reminder emails and text messages 1 day before (customers text back to automatically re confirm)
  • Sends follow up marketing/review emails to customers after 1 day
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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast


Hope you are doing well!

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