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4 - Data Explorer


I need a database for my small business, currently I use an excel file and a word document for everything from inventory to pricing to producing print documents. It needs to have a really simple UI as my business partner is not computer savvy and uses the iPhone for everything.

The company is a gift basket business so you can imaging many component items going into a few main products for sale - and every product for sale gets a printed sheet with the contents.

Tasks or outcomes I’m looking at.
-Inventory - receiving. # of items, landed price paid, lot # expiration date etc.
-Inventory Alerts - stock alerts 45 and 15 days to sell by date
-Inventory tracking - parent gift basket is sold and all child / component items are reduced in the inventory. This needs confirmation and editing as items are added or subtracted to each sale.
-Pricing out items for sale - using the inventory to add products together and save as an item sold. Once saved and confirmed the inventory would update to reduce stock
-Print materials - Using template A or B (each template has a different # of spots for product information) the form would be populated with a selected gift basket contents (also with option to edit / add / subtract items) - this needs a block field area for personal messages
-Lastly if any of this can work with WooCommerce by zapier or some other extension I’d be happy! If WooCommerce is used I would add into the project shipping labels to be printed.

If you can take this on by tweaking an existing table or creating from scratch please get in touch with me.

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8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer

You took the right call Jonathan by going with Airtable…

What you are wanting is definitely something that is possible, and I would love to work on this…
You can reach me on

Best Wishes,

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi, I can help you to achieve this project, would it be possible to know a little bit more about it?

Thank you!

Hello Ricky,

Thank you for reviewing my post and reaching out. The database I need is for my company I have no idea what to do but I know I need a workable solution as I’m heading into inventory shorty. I worked with a freelancer to do a pivot table and it didn’t work as it was created on a PC and we work of macs and iOs. So this is why I’m heading to Airtable so the platform won’t matter.

As I mentioned I have one BEAST of an excel table with the price and information and baskets. I’ve attached it here for you to review - maybe this is step one and we can build from here. The first biggest project is to know the inventory of the individual components and the price of the final baskets based on the formula at the bottom - subtotal + markup etc.
I’m not looking to do a ton of data entry unless it’s necessary so if there is any way to pull the content from the spreadsheet I’d be happy. Also if you can keep in mind the possible integration with WooCommerce in the future that would be great.
The second big project is the enclosure sheet - having this pre-made with easy add / remove / edit options would be great! I’ve attached that word file also for you to review. We get a lot of custom requests so it’s very rarely a simple print - fields have to be changed all the time.

Lastly, let me know your estimate for the project. I’d like to break it down and we can go as fast as we want to - there are lot’s of components to work through.

Thanks for looking through all of this, I look forward to your response.