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4 - Data Explorer

Hey guys,

I’m a production manager at Mide Technology Corporation. We’re looking for an expert to help us build out a system for production management in Airtable. I’ve attached a flowchart below of the process I’m imagining. I’ve done a little digging and it looks like the process is possible, but will require more of a time investment than I’m able to give it. If you consider yourself an Airtable expert, leave your information below and I’ll reach out.

Best regards,

Airtable Flowchart Detailed.jpg

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10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

Hi Robert – you can check out our offerings here:

Feel free to ping me at to talk more.


8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer

Hi Robert,
I am an experienced developer and this is something that is well within my area of expertise.
I would be glad to help you out on this, you can reach me on
Best Wishes,

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer


As a production manager myself, I understand the importance of having a streamlined and efficient system in place.

First of all, kudos to Mide Technology Corporation for recognizing the value of using software to enhance their production management processes. Airtable is a powerful tool that can definitely meet your needs. The attached flowchart provides a good starting point for visualizing the process.

While I'm not an Airtable expert myself, I wanted to suggest considering the Top 10 Softwareunternehmen aus Deutschland. Germany is renowned for its expertise in software development, and you might find the perfect match for your requirements within that list.

To all the Airtable experts out there, this is a great opportunity to showcase your skills and contribute to Modern Technology Corporation's success. Leave your information below and help them take their production management to the next level!

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

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