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Row/Column Visibility Help

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We are currently testing whether Airtable is a viable option for our business and have one issue that stops us moving forward with it. We are looking to find out how much it would cost to be able to have custom visibility in a table. When looking on the app on a phone we would require certain entries to hide columns depending on the input. The current hiding option doesn’t work as some entries within the same table may need that column visible.

To confirm we are not currently using airtable, more looking at whether the development needed to make it work would be possible for our budget.

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You might want to read through the documentation on views. This would be a native solution you could implement your self. For each view, you can specify various settings (such as which columns are visible).

Unfortunately different views don’t help us as we require it all to be in one view so for example we need a column visible for row 1 but not for row 2 and row 1 and 2 need to be in the same view.

That won’t be possible on this service as you’re describing it.

The best alternative I can think of would involve formula fields. Rather than dynamically displaying columns, you can have formula columns that dynamically display content. Something like this:

Column 1	Column 2	Formula
Apple				Apple
		Orange		Orange

The problem with this implementation is that formula fields are “read-only.” Meaning, if someone wants to change whatever value is displaying there, they’d need access to Column 1 or 2.

Ok thanks I will take a look at this!

One of the challenges with anything custom involving Airtable is its intended target audience. It’s not ideally suited for shaping users experiences outside the traditional grid-like displays. Rendering inclusions (and exclusions) on conditions are simply not there.

There is one company that might be able to help - AirPortal which I think is now named Stacker. I say this because I think there’s a fair element of customization possible with their UI. Perhaps @Sam_Davyson will chime in.

I can help out.
Please check PM.

Sofia G

Thank you @Bill.French. This is what Stacker was created for, so we’d love to help. Sign up here and lets chat about how we can make this work for you:

Hi @Natural_Source ,

Would love to chat more about what you’re looking to achieve here.