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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I have 50-100 TikTok Accounts that I want to track the daily data for once per day:

Amount of followers

Amount of videos posted

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Maybe this video helps you 🙂

Brilliant video, im failing to make this work with the paid API for 45$ per month.

I activated the trial, and edited the code you provided as I only need followers amount and video upload amount, of course I also edited the actor URL with my own API token '

Run actor synchronously and get dataset items'
Do you perhaps know why this keeps giving me an error?


This just means that authorMeta doesn't exist on the result

I have this under my results, so it should exist, right?



You have to check the result object by console.logging (console.log(result)). That way you'll see what's in that result

can you please tell me where exactly I should run this? Ideally ELI5 please as I got no coding/ working with Apify or airtable experience

In apify or in airtable?

Getting the commentCount and diggCount from a video works without issues, what im trying to get is

"fans" and "video" objects.

It keeps giving me the error that it cannot read the objects

Do I need to change something else in the code in order to make it work for Profiel URLs instead of video urls? as I want to get followers and video count and not information from video urls page

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I totally feel you on wanting to keep track of your TikTok accounts without having to spend all day doing it. Have you checked out They've got a super cool tool that lets you automate tracking your followers and video count on multiple accounts all in one place. Plus, they've got some sick packages for buying TikTok shares if you're looking to boost your engagement. I checked out their site and they even have a blog with tips on how to grow your TikTok following. I'm definitely going to give it a try, hope it works out for you too! Good luck!