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Airtable Dev For Interface and Workflow Design

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I am looking for an AT expert, individual or team, to create a multi stage workflow and a softr client client login.


5 Stage Workflow using either forms or a custom view with a button, whichever works best.
API response window inside needed for some parts (hence custom view+button instead of form)
Alerts for regular calls to an API for updates on the records
Softr Client Login showing limited parts of a separate linked Invoice/Payment base.
Softr Account login with full access to linked Invoice/Payment for oversight and some confirmation steps.

We have data ready and AT is a solution that we chose after trialling a good 15-20 solutions. However, we are not AT experts and need someone to look at what’s needed, tell us what’s possible and suggest the best approach hence putting it out here instead of fiverr or linkedin.

Looking to get something booked in over the next few days with a timescale of at least part time for the next 3 weeks.

If this build is a success we are going to market it as a bespoke SaaS so any experience in that area would be a plus.

Happy to use escrow service and/or contract etc.

Any questions email or drop a line here.

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