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Consultant needed to set up inventory management for a chocolate company

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We are a chocolate company that provides virtual team building experiences for Fortune 1000 companies.
We have a complex logistics back end that needs to migrate into Airtable. This includes product bill of materials tracking, inventory management, cost controls as well as a host of marketing calendars and roadmaps that need to be structured and formalized.

I would like to start with a small, but fairly complex project at the heart of it all:

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hi @Andrei_Stoica,
sounds like a very interesting project. I would love to know more about it and discuss how we could collaborate on it. Would you be available for a quick call in the next few days to go over the project and your needs? Let me know, looking forward to speaking with you!

Calendly link: Calendly - Alessio Monino

Hi @Andrei_Stoica ,

This sounds like something within my field of expertise. Please visit my Upwork Profile for previous work experience similar to that.

Let me know if you want to chat more about your requirements. Feel free to email me on .

Best Regards,
Mohamed Swellam

Hi Andrei, we can help. I’ll send you a PM. Talk soon!

Hi Andrei,

I’ve worked in this domain before and I understand the challenges that go in automating BOM & Inventory Management. I would love to work on this with you.
Sharing my profile and details;
Upwork Profile Link
Website :
Calendly : Calendly - Ruchika Abbi