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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hello airtable community,

I look for a long time to make a summary table easy to do on excel. I know airtable is not excel. But if there was a way to do it …
I would like to avoid using the pivot table block because I have to make the data available to small external users who are difficult to apply for a pro plan.

To illustrate my request, I realized a model in excel of what I want to get in airtable. In my application, I would have thirty column (C …).

I would like to have in another table the result in orange excel.

I can get the result in the last table’s airtable using only the complete table with the data. But given the large number of columns, the view will not be very practical to print.

In fact I would like to transpose the total filtered data into rows rather than columns.

I would be very grateful if anyone could help me.!


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I think it would be useful if you could describe the actual requirement you have - it’s likely there’s a way to structure the data so that you can get the summaries you need in a ‘parent’ linked table…

Hi Julian

Thank you for your answer. I will still make some adaptations to the airtable base to make it clearer. Then I will give direct access to examine my problem.

Thank you

Hi Julian,

If you can take a look on the table :

Airtable Base

The problem is with the table “Compta” and the View “Déclaration TVA”.


30 columns to print the result > impossible (too large, even on landscape)
With Pivot table block, it can work but I would like to present the result with the table “Case Tva”.
I would like to limit the data range on period “PerTva”.
I’m not sure it can works.

Thanks for your help.