Re: A Way to Filter Form Submissions from going Live until Approval by a Moderator?

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi, I’m wondering if there is any way to create a form view in such a way that submissions can be made (by anyone with the link), but so that the record wouldn’t go live in another shared view until each entry was approved by a Moderator (i.e. me!)?
I can’t think of a simple way to implement this function, but wondering if anyone else has tried this approach and found a work around?

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That’s what filters are for. Change the filter on your shared view so that it doesn’t show the records until you approve them.

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To expand on Scott’s recommendation, add a new field to your table, such as a single select field with the choices “approve” and “reject”. Do not include this field on the submission form.

When the submission is created, this field will be blank. You can then review the submission and approve or reject the submission.

Finally, in your shared view, set the filter to include only records where the field is “approve”.

Some people prefer using a checkbox field. I prefer a single select so that it is easier to see which records have been reviewed (and rejected) versus which haven’t been reviewed.