Add synced records to different base and add to table where records can be created and modified

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4 - Data Explorer

Show synced records and new records all on one timeline view

Hello everyone

I greatly appreciate any help in advance, I just need to be pointed in the right direction

The Idea:
Create a top level company holiday planner, including dates for holiday, sick leave and public holiday. Sync planner table with a lower level base, lets call it project planner. This will include projects, business trips etc. The end goal is to be able to view synced employee holiday planner and the local projects all on one timeline. With holiday data only changeable from its own base and all project data changeable

The Issue:
When using the sync table function, no additional records can be added to the table in the project base. I created a second table just for the projects records but also cannot find way to show both tables on one timeline. Any idea how best to do this? I was wondering if its possible for an automation to add, modify and delete a record to the the project table every time a change was made to the synced holiday table, but not sure if its possible

Any help is appreciated

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