Adding elements to Gantt view doesn't associate them with the relevant grouping/project

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4 - Data Explorer

See GIF below: Basic project/sprint setup for Gantt view with the "Sprints" here grouped by Project.

If I try to add a sprint by dragging out a timeslot in the relevant project, the created sprint/task is created, but not associated with the group/project I tried to create it in. It pops to the top and is not associated with any project. I can't associate it with a project by dragging it down to the relevant project. You would have to click the Sprint and associate the relevant project from there.

I find that this breaks my flow when managing multiple projects or just trying to quickly add something during a meeting. It's also made worse by the fact that the left record list (where I can see the name of the Project and associated sprints) is replaced by the record details every time you click a sprint record. This is problematic because I sometimes forget the name of the project, as many of our projects have relatively similar names. So I can see the sprints in the Gantt timeline view, but I am unsure of which projects those are grouped by.

Am I missing something, or is there a better way to view and work with Gantt views that I'm missing? Any suggestion on how to work with this, or information on where i can send feedback to airtable (to somewhere that is actualy read?)

Adding record to Gantt view jankAdding record to Gantt view jank

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