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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Happy Sunday, everyone :slightly_smiling_face: Apologies in advance for not knowing all the correct terms when referring to objects, arrays, items etc.

I was hoping someone might have either some direct support or links to relevant resources for how to extract specific pieces of data from within an array that is returned via the Data Fetcher app in Airtable. Data Fetcher has the ability to write formulas to transform fields before bringing into airtable.

Here is a screenshot of the response received from the API on the field I’d like to extract from:
ScreenShot Tool -20220320165946

And, a screenshot “zoomed out” up a level to show the overall structure of the response:
ScreenShot Tool -20220320170204

The way this currently comes into Airtable is a field for each item of the object. For some downflow work I’m doing with Webflow this format isn’t practical and I need pieces of the data to come in as one field (and thus a multi select)

What I’d like to do is extract the “tagName” field(s) from each object (i.e., product) returned and place in a field of its own across all items of the Tags field shown in the screenshot. This would then be a new array, comma-separate list, or otherwise, that I can bring in as a field called “TagName” and would then be multi-select.

Through googling around I think I want to do something along the lines of this link:

But, I’m (A) Not sure if that’s accurate and (B) Unsure how I would implement as Data Fetcher formula.

Data Fetcher does provide a comprehensive list of functions available:

Would love any sort of help anyone can provide to “focus” me on a path forward and can edify me for the future as well.


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