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Hello Airtable Community.  I've reached my wits end and so has chatGPT   I am using the following scripting code in an Automation to extract some data from the record that triggered the automation and insert into an external API.  Most of it is work...
Hello all --I am having a challenge bringing in data from a lookup field.  We have a table that lists incoming deliveries as each row.  There is a column labeled "tags" in this table that where we want to show tags from another table (product details...
I have a base where I have a table that is a list of product names. I have another table in the base which is a synced source of data from emails, where I have the same product names and a few other fields coming in. Basically, the goal of the exer...
I have a table of products that includes a linked record field to a “tags” table. Each product can have multiple tags. I want to create an automation that auto applies one of the tags, called “New Product”, to the product and auto removes the same ...
I have one table with a list of products and their delivery date. I have another table with a list of marketing campaigns and a “Go Live Date” and a “End Date”. I simply want to have this information together in one view so it’s easy to tell what p...