Airtable and Zapier to Import Data Using the BGG XML API

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi, I am a newbie so I apologize if the answer to my question is obvious. I am trying to create a simple Airtable → Zapier → Airtable Zap. I am using the BoardGameGeek XML API to get data to create a database of my boardgames. Zap gets a field from the triggering record (a boardgame ID), use webhooks to send a request to BoardGameGeek XML API and stores the values back into the same Airtable record.

My problem is that some values appear as “null” and stored as empty cells, but some other values are working fine. I tried adding a content-type header “application/xml”, but it didn’t solve anything. I can’t find the issue and I would really appreciate some help.

This is the xml I am trying to import:


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