Airtable for iOS and Android - attachment view Close Button too small

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Why there is no place to put suggestions for the mobile apps?

I guess it is because Airtable doesn’t recognize the importance of the issue when the Airtable support says “most people do not Airtable use mobile app, instead use desktop…”

Anyhow, this is a quite frustrating issue and an easy fix. The close button on the top left in the attachment view is way too small. I’m on iPad mini, but same issue is n iPhone and Android phone or table.

It takes me at least 10 times to hit the button to close the window when I want to exit the attachment detail window.

Please make that button larger and thicker.

Here is what I mean:


This is similar to my earlier post but it was related to MacOS where the close button is also tiny and it is too close to the window buttons (red/yellow/green) and if not careful I close Airtable app window instead of the Attachment detail overlay window. Similar issue, similar fix needed.

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Agree with this request! Accessibility should be a top priority, no matter what portion of the user base it affects.