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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi all,

Seeking some assistance or clarification on the Airtable to slack integration. I’ve setup a view in Airtable that is supposed to push messages to a channel in slack when a record in that view is updated. I use the slack message to trigger a scenario in Integromat.

In that watched view, I have a Lookup field which references my main table. That field is populated when certain conditions in the main table are met. However, the Lookup field becoming populated in the watched view doesn’t appear to trigger the slack message. I tried adding a formula field in the watched view that is equal to the Lookup field and is also populated when the required conditions are met in my main table. Again, though, the formula field becoming automatically populated does not appear to be an ‘update’ that triggers the slack message integration.

So, is it only manual updates that trigger the Airtable to slack notification? Am I missing something?

Many thanks for any comments.

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And now, when finished with testing and set everything again, stop working… LOL

Very strange. Does it work when you ask Airtable to send a test message to slack?

It’s working again… Erratic behavior.
Yes it works with the test message.