Re: An App or an Interface that will work as a Kiosk?

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8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer

Is there a way to build an interface or is there an app or script that will allow our company to use Airtable as a kiosk for our clients that come in our lobby?

I have an airtable base for our thousands of program applicants, and we I want people to come up to our kiosk and search their names in the database, without seeing anyone else’s information (privacy is very important).

Perhaps they look their names up and it just states what is the day they applied to the program and how long until they are selected? Or if they are not on the list, allow them to submit a message to our staff.

The records view in the new Interface seems great, but we do not want everyone to see everyone else. This is why we are using the last name, first name, and birth date search engine.

Is this at all possible in Airtable or any apps or scripts?


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Please don’t post the same post twice. I think they consider that spam, but more importantly, it could diffuse the efforts of people whose advice might build upon each other’s advice in the same thread.

I’ve responded at the link below, and I’m sure others will have other ideas & suggestions as well: