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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hello folks, I’ve shared a Social Content Calendar form with my clients. They answered and submitted the form, but I don’t see any answer ! I’ve tried to answer myself the form and I don’t receive the answer anyway !

What could I do to solve this technical problem ?



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How did you create the form? It should be inside the same Table. Are the Records created in the table?

If you tried filling out the form in the “Form” view of the Airtable interface, you won’t get a new record. You have to use the share link of the form to actually create a new record.

If your client submitted the form but you do not see the records, try looking for the new records in a grid view that does not have any filters and that shows all fields. Maybe the records are not showing up because the records do not meet filter criteria for your current view, or maybe they do not have dates.