Assigning Tasks to Multiple People

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4 - Data Explorer

Completely new to the application…

Can’t find this addressed anywhere. If I assign a task to multiple people on my team like “read chapter 7” and then I have a checkmark signifying “done”, how do I know each of the team members completed. The first person to check done has altered the record.

Do I have to send the task out to each person in a separate record so they can each check done? If so, what is the use of the ability to have multiple assignees for a task?

I’m sure I’m missing something.


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Hi @Bradley_Kramer - yes, given that you want every individual to check off that they have done the task, you really need to have these task assignments as individual records. The multiple assignees per task is, I guess, for those situations where this sort of individual feedback does not apply.

FWIW, I would approach this base design in a couple of possible ways:

  1. A table for tasks and a table for people. Tasks are linked to people, but you have to create a row/record for each person/task combination (this is essentially what we are talking about above).
  2. If the task itself is repeated multiple times, e.g. “read chapter 7” assigned to 10 different people, you could consider a tasks table, a people table and a tasks assignment table. Tasks Assignments links to both tasks and people. The advantage of this approach is that you don’t have to type the tasks multiple times but can simply select a task multiple times which probably saves a few keystrokes along the way.

Screenshot 2019-05-03 at 21.07.39.png

Either of the above designs would also allow you to do summaries and roll-ups, e.g. total tasks assigned and total completed, which would be more difficult in a single task/multi-assignee scenario.

Screenshot 2019-05-03 at 21.07.52.png


Perfect. Thanks so much for the guidance.