AT calendar no longer syncing with BusyCal or iCal

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6 - Interface Innovator

Editing this because I thought it was a BusyCal issue, but turns out I can’t even sync to iCal either.

For ages now, I have been able to publish my AT calendar to BusyCal using Share View → Sync to External Calendar, and then subscribing to a new calendar and pasting in the AT calendar link. Now, I get a " iCal data invalid or failed be parse" error message. The dev at BC says that the calendar link I sent him “is returning a HTML page (according to the logs) with a lot of Javascript. It’s not returning a valid .ics file. So I don’t know why it’s not working - best to email airtable and ask why it won’t work.”

iCal is returning an error that the share link from AT is not valid.

Is there anything that I can do on the AT side to make this work again?

Thank you,


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This is not a BusyCal problem… BusyCal is the best calendar app for the Mac with fantastic technical support! What BusyCal told you was 100% true, which you also saw when you tried to use iCal instead.

Airtable has messed up their own .ics feeds for the last several weeks, and this has affected many people (maybe all people??) using this feature of Airtable’s calendars.

Airtable Support told another Airtable user in the forums here that they would be fixing this issue next week. If you’d like, you can open up your own support ticket at

Be sure to report back here with any updates that they give you!

I have been with BusyCal forever and their customer service has always been terrible and dismissive. :frowning: Anyway, I’ve figured out that this is an AT problem. I’ll submit a ticket, thank you.

Sorry to hear that, but I’d have to disagree with you there. I’ve never had better customer support than what I receive from the folks at BusyCal. I email them regularly with feature requests, bug reports, questions, and more — and they’ve always been fantastic with me. They’ve even implemented about 30 of my feature requests into the product so far. Even their message to you that you quoted above was friendly & informative & helpful — and it was the correct answer! I’m also guessing that they probably got back to you in record time, because they’ve responded to me on weekends, nights, holidays, everything. I’ve never had to wait long for a reply.

Yes, we’ll agree to disagree.I was very impressed by the response time but I only got that helpful response after a form response telling me to do exactly what I told them I had already tried before contacting them. You’d think that if someone writes in and says, hey, I had a problem, but before I contacted you I made sure I was running the latest version and paid up and here is everything I did to try to fix the issue, they’d deserve more than a form response that shows that they didn’t even read the email. This is just such a pet peeve. Anyway, I appreciate knowing that AT knows about this issue and is working on it!

Same problem here for the last few days. My Mac Calendar stopped showing the events and when I tried to add a new subscription it says the data is not valid.

I sent an email to Airtable support

Same issue here! Submitted a help ticket - we shall see.

Airtable deployed the resolution to this a few days after posted.

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

The problem seems to be back :confused:

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4 - Data Explorer

The issue is still there… it is really problematic!