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5 - Automation Enthusiast

hi guys,

we have a csv importing that contains urls. to specific files. but I want the file to be loaded into airtable, they are simple images coming from our e commerce site.
I have the records all automatically updating but I cannot get it to actually download the image and save in airtable as the image file, instead the cells are populated with the location of the file? the reason is I want to be able to see the image in airtable, as if I loaded it in.

is there a way to make it automatically download the image?
I want the cell to be populated with the file itself, not the location.



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Hi @michael_frankhauser - doesn’t look like there’s a way to do this, I’m afraid. If you upload a spreadsheet/csv to create a table, it just adds the “text” URL. And attachment field types are not supported in the Blocks csv import, so I think you’re out of luck here. Maybe one for the product suggestions channel.


Hi Jonathan,

thanks, that makes me feel better that I cannot figure this out.

do you have any idea how to get around this?
I Have a website dripping these in and im kinda getting a problem here.

do you do free lance stuff?


Hi @michael_frankhauser - will send you a DM