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4 - Data Explorer

I have a table which is automatically populated from our business website. I want the data that enters that table to be automatically copied into another table as well that has lots of extra columns. The first table won’t be touched as it will be live data, the second table will be edited and be added to. How do I get the info from the first table to also appear in the second table. It will be added to as we get website enquiries and needs to automatically update.
I hope that makes sense.
Thank you in advance.
(Posted by Jayne on behalf of Paul)

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Consider having the data from your website pulled into a Table A in Base A, and never touching it. Table A might be the only table in Base A. You can Sync that table to another base (Base B). Base B will likely have more tables to hold other data.

You’ll be able to add as many columns as you’d like to Table B in Base B, and all the columns shared from Table A won’t be editable. If you have a Pro account, the data from Table A could be synced to Table B at regular intervals.

Learn more about Syncing tables: