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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi all,

Im using a table in a calendar view to display my free job slots which I am then clicking on to create a new job record in another table.

Is it possible to auto populate date fields from one table to another? i.e. after clicking on a record from a calendar can the start and end dates of that record be transferred over to another table?

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The general answer to this question:

is yes.

However, it may not do so in the way you are wanting. This would need to be done through linked records – your “Free Job Slot” records from the calendar view would need to be linked to the table you want their start and end dates to transfer to.

You’re language is a bit vague regarding what you’re trying to do though, so I’m unsure as to whether you are creating new records when you “click on a record from a calendar”, or if you are just expanding that record to view its details…

Here’s what I’m imagining:

  • You have your 2 tables “Free Job Slots” and “Jobs”
  • These two tables are linked in a one-to-one relationship (ie, you have a field that is a “Link to Another record” with “Allow multiple records” unchecked
  • In order to “convert” a free job slot into a job, you click the + sign in the Linked Record field from the “Free Job Slots” table, and click “Add New Record” at the bottom, to create a new “Job” record
  • In the “Jobs” table, you have 2 “Lookup” fields that lookup the Start Date and End Date from the “Free Job Slots” record that each “Job” is linked to
6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

What you imagined is correct - despite my vagueness. Many thanks.