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7 - App Architect

My goal is to design a page in page designer and have a PDF version of the result automatically go into an attachment field in AirTable for each record. Users would not use the page designer but just open the attachment to view or print. I have never used the page designer so a detailed step-by-step would be appreciated.

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This currently is not possible. Currently the only way to get a pdf version of a file from Page Designer is to manually print to pdf and manually upload the file.

There are other methods of getting a pdf file into an attachment field automatically, but they all involve third party integrations.

Thanks. Can you recommend the easiest way using 3rd party integrations.

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There is no one single “easiest” way. It depends on your budget, how complex your documents are, how much you need a wysiwyg template editor, and how automatic you want the process to be. Here are some options.

  • DocuMint
  • FormStack
  • On2Air
  • Google Docs and Zapier/Integromat

I’ve also created the app Low Tech Pdf that lets you merge a record with an html template, convert the result to a pdf file using the PDFShift service, and upload the resulting pdf file as an attachment with a single click. I also have written scripts that use 3rd party services PDFShift and CloudConvert to generate pdf attachments automatically.

I’ve probably left out other systems. These are just the ones off the top of my head.