Automate our CSV import job to Airtable Base with extra row under each row

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4 - Data Explorer

Guys hello

We are using Airtable to organise our daily tasks. We have a task we stuck at the moment so we need the help of a coder to create a script to run on Airtable Base.

Here is what we like to do

  • We are using Airtables CSV import app and importing CSV to the right column. There is no problem with that.

  • Problem is (what we like to do) to insert another row (pre-defined) automatically, when we import new CSV. So 1st row will come from CSV, under that another predefined row, and repeat like that for each row. (Please see Screenshot1)

  • We tried to do it with automation on Airtable but when we import CSV, created all rows from CSV But instead of adding predefined row under each row, adds all at the end. (Please see the second screenshot)

So we are looking for a solution to solve that. I guess a custom script will solve the problem. Or some tricks on automation?

Any idea?

Screenshot 2021-02-17 at 16.02.16 Screenshot 2021-02-17 at 16.15.24

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