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Change date format and timezone

Topic Labels: Dates & Timezones
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Hi everyone!
Does someone know how could i change this “2021-02-16T21:30:18.110Z” (text type field) to a date and time format and change the time zone (the hour is coming with 5 hours of difference of what it should be, it says. “21:30” when it should be. “16:30”.
Thank you so much in advanced!

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You want to use a combination of the DATETIME_FORMAT() and SET_TIMEZONE() functions.

For example

  SET_TIMEZONE({your date/time field}, 'America/New_York'), 
  'M/D/YYYY h:mm'

They are documented in the formula field reference.

thanks. for your response! One question, what if the field looks like this.: “2021-02-16T21:30:18.110Z” that would. be. “YYYY-MM-DD h:mm:ss”? or how should i put it?

You can find all the format specifiers on this page: