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Is there anyway to use Automations to automate a scripting block script? If so, an example would be awesome! TIA

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The Run a Script action for Automations uses Javascript, much the same as the Scripting App.

Converting a script designed for the App for one compatible with Automations could require no changes to the code, or extensive changes to the code. It depends on the script.

Check the scripting documentation for the functions that work in Apps but not Automations (and vice versa): Airtable Scripting

Thanks! Was sort of afraid that would be the answer. Unfortunately, the user input functions aren’t available as part of the automation scripts as far as I can tell. Or am I missing something?

Correct. Because no one is “present” when an automation runs, no user input is possible. You would replace those inputs with (presumably) values for the record that triggered the automation.

Could you describe more about your use case where you want to automate the running of a script that requires user input? As @Kamille_Parks indicated, automations run in the background, so I’m struggling to think of a use case where it would be desirable for a background operation to require/request input from the user.