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5 - Automation Enthusiast

I have created an automation where by changing the status of a record it will create a new record on a new table. In this instance it’s a record in a dealflow and then by changing the status is will then create an entry in a task flow table. When I then update the status in the task flow table it doesn’t update the status in the original dealflow table, how can I make this happen?

What I ultimately would like to happen is that my task flow table will only display entries that have a certain status and that this status is updated in all other tables this entry is shown on

Thank you

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10 - Mercury

Hi Haley. If I have understood you correctly, setting a certain status in the dealflow table will trigger the creation of a record in the task flow table and reset the status of that record in the dealflow table to something new? Does your automation look anything like the first screen shot below?


The trigger is primarily focused on the status of dealflow records (and any other fields you might not want to be empty or something). The first action creates a new record in your task flow table and sets fields appropriately, including task flow status. Then, the update record action sets the status of the triggering record in dealflow (select the record id from the step 1 record).


The one thing I’m not sure if you’ve left out or not is a link from the task flow table to the dealflow table. Did you want to “lookup” the dealflow status in the task flow table and possibly filter on it?

Thank you!! This was very helpful as I was missing the update record action, which is so obvious now you’ve said! However, I’ve now put that in place, testing was successful but my deal flow status still does not update when it is changed in the task flow table. I have it set up like this…
Screenshot 2022-02-23 7.53.19 PM

If I did want to look up deal flow status from the task flow table, how would I go about setting that up please?


How about setting up a linked table in Automation and then Lookup() the status of the linked table?

Are you saying that, after the automation runs, you want to be able to control deal flow status from the task flow table? Changing either changes both?

If you just want to lookup deal flow status in the task flow table, you need a link field between them. Create a new link field in the task flow table that connects to the deal flow table. Also create a lookup field to deal flow status. In your automation (create record), you can populate the link field with the record id from step 1.

Hope this helps.

That’s exactly what I want to be able to do! Changing the status in either table changes both…Thank you for helping me on this. I feel like its the most obvious thing I just can’t get to work

Thank you, I shall try this too!!