Automatic Airtable updates for Twitter user profiles

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4 - Data Explorer

Our journalism project is setting up a series of watchlists on an Airtable for monitoring groups of Twitter users who are public figures/institutions.

Does anyone have an automated way of using the Twitter user ID or account URL to populate an Airtable with the public Twitter profile information (such as profile public name, bio/description, location, website, etc) and profile follower/following count/number?

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Welcome to the community, @Justin_Arenstein!

Twitter’s API provides all of that information, so you would just need to tap into their API to get that information.

There are dozens of ways of doing that, including (but not limited to) writing your own JavaScripts, using the DataFetcher App, or using an external automation platform such as Integromat’s premium Twitter integration.

If you are new to APIs, the Integromat path might be your best bet because it is a low-code/no-code environment where you just point-and-click. They require a paid subscription to connect to Twitter, but my link below gives you 30 days free of a paid account, so you can test it out: