Automatically creating multiple new records in one table when a new record is added

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hello, I’ve never asked a question before so I apologize if this is the wrong format. I think I might be making something simple more difficult than it needs to be:
I have three tables: A, B and C, and I would like to make unique URLs in table C using automation in the following way:
When a new record is added in A, an automation creates multiple new records in C by
adding a UTM for A in one field, and a UTM for every record in B in another field, but I would like every AB UTM field pairing to be a new record in C. Currently I am getting a new record with A in one field, and every B record as a list all in one field. In other words, I would like separate new records in C, with all possible AB pairs when a new A is created.
I am stuck on the multiple record creation part. Thank you for your help!

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