Automatically move record across grouped fields based on date

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I have a base setup that tracks campaigns (each campaign has an individual record) that are currently live, upcoming, and completed based on dates we input. I’m using a single select field for the phase it’s in (live, upcoming, completed). The table is grouped by the phase. Each record has a start date and end date entered.

How can I make it so each record is automatically in the correct phase based on the start/end date I input? For example, let’s say today’s date is 8/28/20, and Record A has a start date of 8/1/20 and an end date of 8/30/20, I would want this record to be in the “live” phase right now, and on 9/1/20, I want it automatically moved to the “completed” phase. How can I achieve this?

Thanks in advance!

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Welcome to the community, @HS408!

If you changed your single-select field to a formula field, you could just have the formula figure out the phase for you. However, formula fields can’t be manually changed by users, so you wouldn’t get all the functionality of a single-select field. You also wouldn’t get the coloring of a single-select field, either.

If you’d like to keep the field as a single-select field, you would have to automate the process in some way. You could use either Airtable’s built-in automations to do this, or you can do it with an external tool like Integromat.