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4 - Data Explorer

Hello all i have some clients the I need to send emails to, I need to send a form from formstack and I have a field with attached files after formstacks create them, I started the automation with “when the record is updated will start the automation” but I need to send emails only the record the I just updated and is different email all the time do you guys have a solution for this issue, please.

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Is the email address a field in the record being emailed? If not, can you use lookups or rollups to get the email into that table? From there it is just a matter of configuring the automation to use that field value in the “to” part of the email.

thanks for your help I have attached a screenshot of my table you will see the same email 4 times I did that and the field named formstack shows in there after I make the form so what I want to do is send the email to the person I just created the new formstack, in this case, is the same email but in a real situation will be the different email address to each donor, I successfully set up the trigger but I can’t do the email part remember I want to send an email after formstack attached the new file, then that specific client and will be a new donor every time. thank you very much for your patient.
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The screen shot of you automation configuration does not show any email address in the “to” portion of the email. You need to select the field with the email address there. You may need to retest your trigger first. Also note that some records do not have an email address in them. Those emails will fail to send because there will be no address in them.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I have this same issue. I am using the Lookup function to have the email address pulled into the Table from which I want to send the email. However, the Airtable Automation will not recognize the email address as an email address. The automation will ONLY recognize the email IF the Character of that Property is “Email Address”, not Lookup that results in the population of an email address.

If this functionality isn’t in the Airtable Email Automation, I’m confused on how Email Automation is useful in Airtable at all. The Employee Table (where email address is stored) is in another linked table…which is common. But, linking that email address into the main table confuses the system on the nature of the email address field.

So odd.