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Show One-to-Many Relationship in a view

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I have decades of consulting experience using RBase and Access. I’m used to creating forms that display the One-to-Many relationship between two tables. For example, one form could display an Order in the upper part of the form, and then in a subform each Product for that Order could be displayed in rows, with Price, Quantity, and Extension for each Product, and totals at the bottom of the subform. The Order and the Products would be related by an Order ID field.

I’m new to Airtable. I can’t see any way to do what I describe above in Airtable. Can anyone direct me to a tutorial, or tell me what I am missing? Any help would be appreciated.


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You’re not really missing anything, there’s just not a way of doing that directly in the main Airtable UI. Possible alternatives:

Using the page designer app to show the data you want. Can work ok for invoices etc
Third party websites that allow this kind of ui (softr etc)
Collating data together into a Airtable dashboard
Show data in external website via api or plugin (airpress plugin for Wordpress)
Use integromat or similar to display data in a third party system.

Thank you very much, Joe. I’m glad I’m not missing anything. I appreciate your advice and will check out your suggestions.