Undo Bulk Records that were updated 3 days ago

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

A large number of records were updated 3 days ago in error. They have chapters and were updated and added to the wrong chapter.

I would like to undo this action add these records back to their chapters. I can do it one by one but it is a lot and would like to find an optimal solution.

How do I undo this? Any thoughts? Any help Is appreciated.

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Hi @Eddy_Maaya and welcome to the community!

Depending on your Airtable plan, you could see if there’s a “snapshot” to restore old values.

Thank you!

We have the Pro plan. If I do this method, will it revert other updates made to the table other than the error that was made?

It can’t take into account specific updates, so yes, everything will be reversed and put into a new base.