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Hello Everyone!

I would like to know if when we perform a synchronization between tables the data linked with other tables are also synchronized?

For example:
We have Base A which contains the table (Clientes-all) and base B which contains table (Clients-segmentB) and (Sales-segmentB).
A column of table Clients-segmentB is linked with table Sales-segmentB > The sale number from Sales-segmentB is linked with the customer in Clients-segmentB.

We want to synchronize table Clientes-all with table Clients-segmentB > All costumers must be in the table of their segment (Clients-segmentB) and in the general database (Clientes-all).

I would like to know if in this synchronization the link with Sales-segmentB will be presented in Clientes-all or if the link will only appear inClients-segmentB and in Clientes-all the synchronization will only bring the data from Clients-segmentB to Clientes-all > The link from the custumer (from Clients-segmentB to Clientes-all) will make it possible for the record in the Clientes-all table to be linked with the sale number from table Sales-segmentB or the link will only work in Clients-segmentB?

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Airtable’s sync is not two-way. If a table from Base A was synced to Base B, no “new” data in Base B will be reflected in Base A.

I understand, thank you very much for answering Kamille_Parks, in this case we want to make the integration so that whenever you update the Clients-segmentB table (Base B), through synchronization also update the Clients-all table (Base A), considering only this scenario. However, the biggest question is, if we link the table Clients-segmentB (Base B) with the table Sales-segmentB (Base B), the table Clients-all (Base A) synchronized with the table Clients-segmentB (Base B) will also show the link to the Sales-segmentB table?