Is there anyway to place 000000000000 before the integer in number field?

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I need several zeros before my number in a number field. Any way to accomplish this without writing code? I numbered and filled, then changed it over to text field, but now I have to add the zeros to all the numbered cells.

So two questions:
Can I append zeros to the text field cells numbers automatically or
Can I get a numbering field to recognize zeros before the integer?


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Hi @Bethany_Hacker and welcome to the community!

You could use a formula field field, based on the number you entered, to add the zeros, but it can’t be formatted as a number field.
eg: "00000" & Number

Not in a number field as far as I know.

Welcome to the Airtable community!

If you have a number field with an integer, and you want to pad it with leading zeros to get a text string that always has the same number of digits, you can use a formula field.

            12 - LEN({number} & "")

If you have a text string that is an integer with leading zeros, you can convert it back to a number with a formula field.

VALUE({Number with Leading Zeros})


    {Number with Leading Zeros},
    VALUE({Number with Leading Zeros})