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4 - Data Explorer

Hi everyone,

Our company kick off migration project on Google Workspace, and we need to adjust our email account. Example: current email:; new email in new workspace: When we complete migration, we will rename the domain and email will come back to

So what I concern and need your support are as below:

  1. When we move to use new email account:, do you have any way to set rules to automatic transfer/move bases in current workspace to new workspace?
  2. During this our migration time, does it have any risk or bug like miss data or something like that? If acctually we have this risk, what I need to do to backup my data during this migration time?
  3. Finally, when we rename the domain and email will come back to, is everything smoothly as what it should be?

Please examine my concern. I'm looking for your soon reply.

Thank& Best Regards.

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I would suggest opening a support ticket directly with Airtable for this